So we’re kid free this weekend which means we mostly just sit and chill drinking rum and coke and watching series or bad stand up comedy (well I think it’s bad, The Person will argue that). Somehow the conversation turned to Star Wars and how Hasbro left out Rey in the new monopoly and are now adding her as a piece after a letter from an 8 year old goes viral on social media.

Well… according to The Person I say monopoly  wrong. How does one say it wrong?! He kept laughing and laughing and laughing until I actually googled how to pronounce it. Yes, I googled it and yes there was actually a youtube video with the pronunciation. Scary how you can find almost anything on the net.

I love that we can be so random.

I’m always amazed that we can still have fun conversations after being together nearly 2 years now. That always baffled and still does baffle me. How we never seem to run out of stuff to say or laugh at. But that baffles me about relationships and people in general, even friends and family. We’re strange creatures us humans.


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