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I don’t know if you know this (I didn’t but thanks to Padfoot I do now) but Numetro does this thing they call “girls night out” were tickets are R65 (snacks not included) and you get to see a fantastic chick flick (that is usually a pre-screaning) where no men are allowed! And they do a whole set up with free pizza, magazines, port, and stalls with things like a make up touch up stand, honey jewellery etc. then to make it better before the movie starts they do a prize giving!

My ass is not a winning one, as is they fucked up with my seat and put me in a wheel chair seat. Look I know I have a moonboot but that don’t mean I come with a wheel chair! Then the ass had the nerve to tell me it must have been my mistake (yeah, I let him have it and he found me a real seat) and go figure the one I was at (C6) won a fucking prize. Do you see what I mean?!

Anyway… The movie was fantastic. Dare I say better than the book? I really struggled with the book. Maybe cause there was so much hype about it. I don’t know. But am glad I gave it a second shot even if it means I did that by watchin the film version. JoJo did the screenplay so the adaption was fantastic. The casting was absolutely spot on. OMG her face is so expressive. And Will was so totally perv worthy.

And ja know, it came at the absolutely perfect time > When I’m sitting wondering where and why I lost myself along the road to becoming a “functioning adult”. Why I gave up my bumblebee socks and cupcake heels. But I still have my hair so guess I didn’t completely lose myself. She just got misplaced, time to dig out those socks and tutus and find her again.

If you’re up for a really gorgeous story, aren’t closed minded and don’t mind shedding a few tears then make a mission to go see it.

Or read the book. Whichever floats your boat more x

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  1. I read the book! Waiting impatiently for the movie to reach my corner of the world!

      1. Hahaha! You forget that I’m married to an IT guy. He’d never allow us to watch bad quality!

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