Lux makes you smell pretty

sheer_twilight_200mlDid you know that Since 1925, Lux® has been bringing the best of beauty – and the pleasure that comes with it – to every woman in the world? It’s made like the costliest French soap and is known as the beauty secret of some of the most glamorous stars– from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe to Shu Qi and Aishwarya Rai (how cool?!)– their alluring beauty treats delight women in more than 100 countries worldwide every day!

Lux® believes that beauty shouldn’t be about hard work but about pleasure (yes!). Which is why they work with the world’s best perfumers to create beauty treats infused with the finest fragrances. Their goal? For each Lux shower to be a delight to the senses, making women feel fabulously feminine, every day. Because of course they know that when women feel this way, they get a lot more out of life. Or i know I do.

The wash they sent me was inspired by key notes of the rare and intense Black Orchid and dammit it smells good, coming from me who’s so sensitive to smells you know it’s got to be good ;) and according to them the smell stays on your skin and lasts up to 8 hours! I can’t really say yes to this as once I get used to a smell I can’t really smell it anymore (unless it’s poop or a decomposing corpse of course).

So this new was of theirs was exquisitely crafted by world class perfumer Nicole Mancini (sorry, I had to actually google him, not a BB blogger, my bad) and the new Lux® Sheer Twilight body wash features the precious and exotic Black Orchid as the sensual, addictive centerpiece of this statementfragrance. Infused with an opulent combination of dark floral notes, with opening notes of Juniper Oil and set amidst a captivating blend of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean (yum), this is a truly unique and daring scent captured for the first time in a body wash. Lots of big words used there, but for you and me – it means they made it so well that it smells awesome.

Point being that the next time you’re in the store pop it in your trolley and give it a try, I’m not usually one to buy perfumed things really but I honestly like this one. It’s a nice change when you want to feel pretty but don’t really want to put perfume on. Plus it smells like a winter evening.