Lunch Snacking Made Easy

I am horrible with putting together snacks to eat during the day and don’t get me started on packing lunch boxes – I am so glad we homeschool now! But the lovely peeps and CNC foods make all this so much easier woohoo! They have you sorted from nuts and dried fruit to sweets and cheese and meats. Oh, and they deliver!

Go figure that I would find their Food Fantasy range and on it I found those heart sweets and fruit pastilles at a fraction of the cost I’ve ever been able to find them if and when I find them (they’re so blooming delicious!) so I kinda ended up ordering a kg of each (no judgies!) and we got a few packets of Fysh’s favourite hand made chips, and some of the pork rind things he likes. Not that any of it actually lasted long, my mum grabbed half of each pack of sweets and Fysh had the crisps opened and eaten before I even got to suss what was all in our delivery haha. Go figure!


Go have a look at their product list and then tell me you can avoid ordering some yummies! They’re also really quick to get back to you on email. And if, like me, you’re a phone phobe they’ll whatsapp you! (Just let them know or you’ll have a misunderstanding like we did hahaha). How nice are they? They’re also quick on Facebook.

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