Today The Person got a bee in his bonnet and decided we should take a drive out to Darling to see the flowers. My mom and Fysh went last week and the photos were amazing so we thought why not. I really wanted to show him the weskus sneeu that blankets the fields up that side this time of year (it’s a wild white flower that grows like a ground cover, usually it makes it look like it’s snowed). Fysh didn’t want to go again so dropped him off with granny to swim and headed up on our own. 

We took the inland route and maybe this is where we went wrong because unfortunately we didn’t get to see many flowers bar the ones you usually see on the side of the road. There was one field full of orange veld blommies but mostly just your usual wheat fields (which are gorgeous). 

Where the flowers were scarce the stop-go’s were plentyful. One was 10 minutes wait and the other a 20 minute wait. When we got to the third one we decided to turn around and head home via Malmesbury which btw has even more road works haha. But hey, nothing a little good music can’t fix :) 

We spotted cows, had lunch in the car and then found a field to take photos I had in my head. It’s hard getting that specific shot when you’re the one visioning it but you’re not a model and the person you’re with isn’t a photographer haha. If I could I’d have taken it myself, made sure the light is right and all that but hard to do when you’re in front of the camera (something I’m obviously not used to) but I quite like this one out of the bunch. I felt like a goddess standing there in that field, topless with a tutu. 

And I decided not to let a good opportunity to to waste so made a make shift tripod and at the camera on a timer :) 

So hey, the day didn’t go quite as planned; we didn’t get to see scores of flowers like we hoped and we were a bit pressed for time so we couldn’t stop in at Darling Brew or the Brig Bar but it was a good trip. I got a few hours alone with my person which is always awesome ?

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