The years seem to be getting shorter as I get older, I don’t know if it’s because I’m just so busy trying to stay above water with all the bills and work and schooling or if it’s because, well am not really sure but it’s going by faster.

Despite it galloping past though a lot happened, so much so that I barely really remember most of it and have to use Instagram to look back on everything. Thank goodness for photo memories!

I think the most noteworthy part of 2017 was trying to tackle a 365 project and not managing to finish it. I managed to make it further than half way but didn’t manage it all the way to the end and instead of feeling like an utter failure I dealt with it and accepted that sometimes life just has other plans and that I should be proud that I made it as far as I did. I think next time I’ll stick to a more manageable project.

It was a year filled with big changes. From lost teeth and drastic hair cuts for both the unicorn and myself.


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I learned a new art style that I love because it’s so soothing and really helps calm my brain. A reminder that sometimes leaving your comfort zone can lead to some new and amazing things. Like Fysh learning to ride a bike!

Thanks to several amazing people we were able to try a whole lot of things we wouldn’t have been able to without them. We got to go to Disney on ice, read phenomenal books from many a new author, rode horses, baked unicorn cakes, danced with my oupa at my cousins wedding, sat on the beach, had a prodigious day at an animal free circus, went trick or treating, carved our own rings, baked Christmas cookies, Fysh finally got to go on the cape wheel and we went camping for a whole 4 days out in the forest. I also went on new meds and got to see a lovely new specialist that actually listens and doesn’t judge me.

It wasn’t all great though as one would imagine, I had a biopsy that I haven’t received the results for and another notable lesson learned this year was that I really need to learn to stand up for myself more. I was screwed over more than once financially this year and it’s unfortunate to say that it wasn’t even relegated to strangers – most were by family and people I thought were friends. I let things slide and where that’s a good thing on most occasions I need to remind myself that my business pays the bills and I have a growing kid that needs looking after so if I burn connections with people I like because they won’t respect my work and make payments on time then that’s how it has to be. I don’t walk into their businesses and then refuse to pay and I shouldn’t let people do that to me either. A tough lesson and one that I’m sure I’ll need to remind myself of this one often.

Also, this was the first year in all my 29 that it didn’t rain on my birthday. I still haven’t decided if that was a good or bad omen though but it was just strange. Even when we lived in Namibia it rained on my birthday.

Tonight we say goodbye to twenty seventeen and all that it held, I won’t forget the lessons it taught us but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to wave it goodbye without regret and welcome 2018 with a smile.


May the best moments of this year be the worst of next year xoxo



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