Lockdown – Days 8, 9 and 10


Today was supposed to be dedicated to making pumpkin pie, however I woke up to a crisis that included our “printer” turning out to not actually own a print company just an individual offering to cover the costs (still a massive win but not what was indicated to us) so the 2000 flyers needed for Saturday morning were on hold – because printing isn’t an essential service.

I took a walk to Spar to burn off some of the frustration cause else I was going to punch someone in the throat. Am grateful there’s a Spar about 2km from us. Means we can still get our bread and milk fresh and I get walks in without getting into shit and because I’m in the caravan I’m the designated shopper – I love the creative ways people are getting their daily workouts in! One lady was walking round and round the complex parking lot, jogging some of it like drills. Another lady had both her side gates and front door open and she’d go in the back gate to walk around the yard then out the side round the front and back in again. The dog seemed to be having a great time.

You want more of a reason to support local? MinuteMan Press Stellenbosch went above and beyond, they specifically registered so that they could provide their service to the NPO and had our flyers and the poster all printed and ready by Friday afternoon – they even delivered to the farm gate for us.

So only 2 pies were made, and both were burned.


I think the exhaustion is kicking in. I made another pie and it also flopped – I do not flop baked goods!

So instead of baking pie I turned all the pumpkin into pampoenkoekies and handed those out instead. They were a hit, easier and a lot quicker as well.


I know it’s ironic but cause we’re all isolating on the farm together I’ve been more freaking social. It’s definitely WEIRD. I know this is our way of life now, even after lockdown eventually ends, that’s just the way things work here on the farm which is lovely and it’s definitely helping me learn to be more social but slowly and not all at once. It’s still draining but I can actually socialise for a few days now before I need a solid recharge.

We had a braai at the connecting “farm” and it was fun, Emma tossed some magic fire into the pit once we’d finished eating, I wish I had fetched my camera and tripod, it would’ve made for epic photos but it was also nice to just watch and enjoy.


Kept my phone off till 5 today so I wouldn’t be tempted to work as was given a forced day off to spend time with Fysh – In less than a week we set up a fully functioning and recognised NPO that’s already dropped its first 1 of 10 stations.

Weather wise it was the perfect day to do nothing but binge watch Shadowhunters with Fysh and sleep. And try figure out the USB microscope Shamus got me as a gift :)

Until next time…