Lockdown – Day 5

The happy feeling you get when you can go out and pick veggies out the garden to use for supper… it should be bottled and sprinkled everywhere. I went out to the eggplant field to pick a few and took the fruit I’d just picked right to the kitchen to make tonights meal. Seriously, it’ll never get old!

I don’t actually like eggplants, there’s just something about the texture that puts me off. Don’t cube it or add it to my salads or try feed me moussaka BUT I have found a few ways of making it that both Fysh and I are happy with because even before we moved here M used to get sooo many and then would bitch about us not eating them.

My biggest tip: PUREE! And then add it to whatever. Our favourites are spagbol and lasagna. Oddly I also add in slices of eggplant to my lasagna (instead of the pasta sheets) and I don’t mind it.

Here’s my spagbol recipe in case you also want to try it or have kids who don’t eat eggplant (this actually works for most veggies that the kids won’t eat cause when it’s pureed they can’t see it – sept mushrooms, this does NOT work for mushrooms).



Amounts of each kinda depend on how many people you’re making for so you’ll have to just guesstimate (we use about 500g mince, 6 or 7 tomatoes and 3 eggplants depending on their size).

  • Spaghetti
  • Mince (soy/ostrich/chicken/rabbit – whatever you prefer)
  • Chopped red tomatoes (the redder the better)
  • Eggplants (or any other veg your kid doesn’t really want to eat – I’ve done it with pumpkin just for flavour before and it’s good)
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric (optional – I add it in all my food as it helps my arthritis)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Cheese (optional)


First prep the veg you’re going to be hiding away, if you’re using eggplants then cut into squares, salt and put in a colander over a towel so all the water drains out of it.

Brown your onions with the garlic then add your chopped tomatoes and eggplants. Pop on the lid and leave it all to steam a bit – stir occasionally and just check on it till the eggplants are soft. Add a little apple cider vinegar and about a table spoon of sugar and your turmeric.

If you have a stick blender then when the eggplants are soft you can blend it all till smooshy, if like me you don’t have one cause it broke you’ll need to wait till it’s cooled down before putting it in the blender. Then back in the pot on heat and add the mine, basically the mince is going to cook in the sauce you’ve made.

Don’t forget to make your pasta during all this!

Dish up, add cheese and serve :)
It mind sound pretty simple but M and Fysh always go back for more so I think it’s a winner!


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Until next time…