Lockdown – Day 4

I’m so excited that I found myself a workout buddy!

Turns out that Emma from the farm attached to us used to do boxing as well and she dislikes yoga as much as I do! When she saw me with the 5kg ball she asked if she could join and well, yeah. NOW I HAVE SOMEONE TO WORKOUT WITH! Of course I could do it alone but I always feel like a bit of a naana and having a buddy to push you is definitely better. M tries but he’s more a yoga or digging a ditch kinda workout person.

My body is probably going to hurt tomorrow but here’s nothing quite like a good cup after a nice workout :)

Working out is just as important during lockdown, not just for your fitness but for your mental health as well and there’s a lot you can do in your own home, Jordan Yeoh is my favourite fitness persons to follow if I feel I need a workout. The majority of his workouts are easy to follow and they don’t require any weird machines etc which is a bonus.

This is my favourite video: I even have it on my phone (not that I’ve watched it much the past few years *cough cough* but I’ll definitely be using it more now again):

Fysh made us lunch today, unfortunately it was a combination of things I don’t like but he came to sit with me for lunch so I couldn’t exactly give it away or something. Baked beans and runny egg on toast. All my calories gone for the day. Eep. I did tell him afterwards though that I really appreciate the sentiment but I rather just have an apple next time.

I hope everyone is staying fit and trying to eat healthy still. Remember that veggies count as essential foods so you’re still allowed out the house to go and get them!

Don’t give up the stress baking if it’s helping you cope but we also need to make sure we don’t all have to be rolled out of our homes on the 16th… (or whenever lockdown actually ends).

Until next time…