Lockdown – Day 3

What an uneventful day! Unless of course washing the woof counts as something eventful. Though I suppose it’s a bit reaching to expect every one of the lockdown downs to be exciting. I have noticed a lot of people on my timeline are “stress baking” some of the yummiest goods! No baking here today. Have to make the supplies we have last, covid fucked with my rent income this month (long story) so our bit of savings has to be used to cover it. Pisses me off to no end, just when I was slowly coming right again financially.

but anyway…

While I wasn’t man-down from all the socializing yesterday I was definitely a little moeg so took it easy, cleaned (the caravan gets super dusty) and rearranged a few things as I needed to bring the “tv” in cause my MacBook is still a liquid crystal mess and I have work to do but sharing a screen with M is a little more tricky now.

I’m pretty excited to be helping with this organization I’m doing designs and media for. Soon as it’s up I’ll post about it seeing as it’ll need all the sharing it can get.

For now though, to end off a long ass Sunday… This popped up on my Facebook cause of my pops. You’re welcome :)

Until next time…