Lockdown – Day 2

Early start to the day today, got up to have coffee only to find out that M had finished the last of the coffee beans when he was sorting out the internet at 4am (finally got fibre here but there’s more than one router cause so many people not all clustered in one building) so had a shower and then went to go chat to Fysh while he fed all the bunnies instead.

Bolt (white) and Peter (Brown)

There are 10 in total at the moment, 2 of which are Fysh’s now. Peter and Bolt. They are a breeding pair so he’s been learning all the ropes from Berry who’s they actually are. (The farm breeds rabbits for food but also for anyone who wants one occasionally and they also supply to some of the restaurants that have rabbit on the menu). He’s stoked and can’t wait for the first litter, things might change when it comes time to actually part with the babies but we’ll see, we have explained it all to him so maybe he’ll be cool. He’s already said that he’s keeping one of the kittens to raise as tame though – Bolt is a feisty one that refuses to be picked up, Peter is easier to handle and you can actually hold him but Fysh really wants one that’s raised from little to be handled and a pet not a business vibes.

I’m actually looking at getting an Angora or two in the future to brush and spin the fur into yarn. But that’s long term seeing as we have no idea when this lockdown will actually be over.

I have an old bureau that I’ve had for ever and when I took the drawers out to bring it here I realised that with some diy hacks and Pinterest searches it could make a really nice hutch for when he gets his little bunny and I’m hoping I can find everything I need on the farm the next few days and somehow make it a secret project so that it’s done in time for easter! But we’ll see…

Took a few snaps of Stan as well seeing as he was following us all over while we were busy with the bunnies. He’s such a good-looking cat, also camera shy but not like Basil who sees a camera and dashes off in the opposite direction.

And then for the majority of the afternoon I stood baking flapjacks for 15 people! That’s a lot of freaking crumpets just so by the way. Sho.

Spending my evening designing a logo for an organisation I’m going to be running the social media of and then finish their website before the first radio interview next week aaah! But it’s for a really good cause so I can give up a few hours of sleep for it happily.

Here’s the recipe for those noms in case you want a treat for you or the kids while you’re safely at home the next while:


Ingredients :

  • 250ml Milk
  • 500ml Flour
  • 125ml Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 20ml Baking Powder
  • 30ml oil (or butter if you have)

More it all in a mixing bowl, mix well and then dollop into a warm non-stick pan till the top makes a few bubbles then flip and leave for another minute or so, you’ll see they’re like a nice golden brown where they touch the pan. We have a gas top stove so I don’t know what setting to put your plate on, also I know plates differ (I tried using a friends once and even on 1 hers was so hot it burnt them – turns out the stove was fucked so yeah).

If you don’t have a non-stick you can use some oil or butter while you do them in the pan.

I didn’t get to take photos before the hoard descended but I found this on google and I love the idea with easter coming up and all. Use the recipe above but separate the batter into different bowls and then add colour to each one and voila, awesome rainbow flapjacks for easter! Or for Sunday, or Saturday of Tuesday… who cares, rainbow flapjacks for the win!

image from pankobunny.com

Until next time