Lockdown – Day 13

Still struggling a bit with whatever bug I picked up but seems to have been and here and gone vibes cause am definitely feeling better, however that might also just be because my system has nothing in it so we’ll check after supper tonight which is going to be tomato and rice soup thanks to moniquetheeditrix who whatsapped me the recipe right when I was trying to decide what to make – turns out we have all the ingredients so kismet me thinks.

RECIPE : TOMATO AND RICE SOUP (by Accidental Happy Baker)

I didn’t make the soup – M made me take a bit of time to myself to sit and draw cause I mentioned before that I haven’t been creative at all since moving here and I need it. (I managed all of 15min before I was needed for something again). I need to make more time for creativity and studying. This NPO really has kept me uber busy but thankfully my department is now a little less chaotic and more easily maintained. Hopefully I can find help so that I can delegate more.

(PS… the soup was a winner! Definitely going to make it again when I can have a whole bowl/seconds)


Monique is an editor, the best I know – she even edits my boring assignments for me so you know she’s awesome (I bribe her in books haha – I already know though I’ll be bribing her with top shelf gin when it comes to my dissertation and thesis).

Did you write your novel during lockdown? or have you started? Monique will even help you fill in the gaps in your plot. If you don’t need any editing but know people who do… you know what to do :)

Until next time…