Lockdown – Day 11

Happy lockdown humpday!

If they don’t extend the lockdown we’re officially half-way through this weird dystopian world we’re currently living through.

I vowed to stay out the kitchen this week. After my pie fails and exhaustion I declared I shall not enter the kitchen until Friday when we make bunny cookies. And yet I made pizza for us all… go figure!

Other than getting a bit of studying done, making the pizza and ensuring that StelCovidAction‘s Social Media is updated (they met up with Drs and Nurses today) it was an extremely unproductive day.

Feeling like I need a day to do fuckall but art. It’s been a while which is pretty sad. I haven’t even done any crochet! Really thought I’d be doing more of it and I actually need to considering lockdown doesn’t stop the fact that bills need paying.


An expat friend living in Germany needs a bit of help seeing as they are stuck there currently – she’s doing gorgeous illustrations every day and you can pay on a “what you think it’s worth” basis.

Until next time