Lockdown – Day 1

If you aren’t aware – South Africa is in a full lockdown for 21 days, I don’t think 3 weeks will be enough and have a feeling it’s most likely going to be extended but for now we’ve been told twenty-one days. For most people that seems like a really really long time, for others like myself – we just found out that our usual lifestyle has a name ;)

BUT like most people, the moment you’re told you can’t do something you realise that you really want to do it or need to do it. Like “don’t touch your face” and you realise how freaking often you do it! “Don’t leave your house” and all of a sudden you want to take up running…

We’re lucky that we moved to the farm before lockdown was put into place so we’re a bunch of people actually isolating together which sounds contradictory I know but it’s not like everyone can stay in their rooms as there are communal kitchens etc. I think it’s helping a lot though knowing we have so much space.

Today was mostly spent unpacking the car and setting up the trestle tables with all the crockery on it as it needs to be cleaned before it’s allowed in the house while Fysh made cappuccino muffins for everyone.

Ooh and I ventured out into the outside world (we didn’t manage to get essentials before lockdown) for everyone here cause we only send one person out once a week to go get everyone’s groceries. IT WAS AMAZING. I know that this is all really important but seriously, it was so nice shopping out when the town is dead and there’s no one in your bubble. I could even sanitise each and every product before putting them in the bags cause no queues! Only thing that annoyed me was seeing families out, like not just one parent and a child but the entire freaking family. Seriously people…

The small holding right next to ours is isolating with us (they’re basically a part of us and here all the time anyway so made more sense to just have them isolate with) so everyone got together and ended the first day off with a some light playing photos (not by me so I don’t have those photos but I did take some fire photos cause bored) and a potjie. I didn’t stay till the end, Fysh and I watched cartoons in bed cause I was done people-ing.

Until next time