Little black spot 

voting day

10 years ago I became eligible to vote. That’s a pretty big deal right? I guess it should be but A) I’ve never felt fully like I belong in SA  B) I fucking hate politics and C) fuck I had a and now I can’t think of it. 

I’m not an ostrich, these days you really can’t be unless you’re not on social media  and we all know I’m on there all the time plus I happen to be dating someone who stayed up past midnight following the brexit saga so I’m not clued in but I have a vague idea of what’s happening. 

Well,  despite being able to vote for 10 years the only voting I’ve done is on what the book of the month should be (it’s the language of flowers by Vanessa Diffen-something if you’re keen to join). You see I’ve always been out the country when registration rolls around. And no registration means no voting so yeah. 

BUT registration happened in March and I happened to drive past where we are supposed to vote and they happened to be open with no queue so asked my visiting friend if she’d mind waiting in the car while I registered and TADA I now have that sticker thing in my ID stating I have the right to vote. Take that! 

Which means that today was a pretty big day because I had a say, no matter how small of one, in the future of this country. And I guess that is actually a pretty big deal and now I’m legit allowed to complain about the state the country is in! I think I made a pretty informed decision. I asked The Person to give me a rundown of what he thinks the best options are because I trust his judgement and also be makes politics easier to understand. 

So I made my mark! Me. 

I hope you did as  well x

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