Level Up!


Once upon a time a unicorn was born, he fought to stay in this world and he’s been fighting everything that it throws at him since and winning. This unicorn brought so much joy and laughter, yes some tears and attitude as well even unicorns aren’t perfect… Today we celebrate nine years of this kid keeping us on our toes and making life a bit more colorful.


Yep, that’s right, the unicorn is NINE today.


Yesterday my mom and brother drove out to surprise Fysh, well he knew my mom was coming to stay over but bringing my brother with him was a big surprise and his face when he saw R was too cute and was followed with a “mom, you’re a good liar”   *facepalm*

We my mom and brother got a fire going so we pulled the furniture around the fireplace and had drinks and laughs while it got ready for the braai with all his favorite things, including the weird “sticky ribs” that are his favorite, potato salad, sausage and also a salad with orange slices that I didn’t even know he likes.


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This morning we were all up early having coffee but Fysh has this bad habit of sleeping late so decided that if we didn’t wake him up we’d wait all damn morning so I scrambled to find candles then stuck them in the smarties fudge (no fancy cake this year cause the move sort of killed us financially)  and we all sang him awake and gave him his present from granny :)

M and I pretended for a while that we weren’t able to give him anything but we didn’t hold out long and he got his little gift from us. Usually we like to at least try make his birthday as special as possible and while we didn’t go all out this year I think it might be his favorite birthday yet. I went to Typo and raided their pug goodies and then added his favorite sweeties. M of course provided the winning gift this year – a play store voucher so he can buy Minecraft.



He’s off to granny’s house for the rest of the day and then tomorrow I head through to the view and stay at moms as well because Wednesday is clinic and I have yet to move over to the one in Stellies, mainly because I don’t want to have to see a new psych but more on that later.


RE the smarties fudge, I had hoped it would be epic and stuff but it was a Pinterest fail. It’s basically pure sugar on a plate and mine came out really sticky so we had to use a butter knife to get it off said plate but that said it was polished off by 11am already > a tin condense milk, 5 blocks of Cadbury dream chocolate, 2 boxes of smarties. Melt the chocolate, add the condensed milk then put it in a lined pan and add smarties last (stops the color from running) and refrigerate. 




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