Level up! Birthday style. 

Fysh birthday

At 14:14 on August 6th 2009 a new soul came into the world and he took over my life like a hurricane through a trailer park, turning it upside down and throwing plans in every direction. 

Another thing affected is friendships, storms are great for setting who will stick with you through it. Many come and go but those that stay… They are the best. 

And is those that stayed that helped make this hurricanes arrival celebration the best ever today. 
You see, I had attempted to plan a day at a horse Farm for us where he could ride and groom and just be surrounded by them cause he adores them but unfortunately the person helping me arrange this bailed on me and left me in a trench. 

This led to 2 realisations… 

1) you remember those people I was talking about?! Never take them for granted. 2) my kid is pretty fucking awesome because when I explained what happened be said he was okay celebrating with a cupcake and movie at home. 

Thank you to The Person, Pooky, Grandpa Shamus and Granny for making today epic xxx

Today we gorged ourselves on as much sushi as possible, spent time with friends, consumed ice cream, lit sparklers, played minecraft and drank carbonated drinks. Now we’re eating leftover tuna casserole, watching minecraft video and drinking bubbly. 


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