let’s throw it back a little

I’ve been extremely nostalgic lately so I thought I’d do a little throwback post of some of the series I remember watching growing up. They’re the ones that still sit freshly in my mind. Growing up we didn’t really have TV, well we had a TV but we grew up in a little town in Namibia so we didn’t really have much access beyond what came on NBC (the national channel) and then later on someone at the mine would record KTV for all the kids and there were a few VHS tapes that would circulate around town for us.

I prefer most of the old stuff. Some of the new stuff Fysh watches isn’t TOO bad but so many of the crap lately is severely laced with adult humour which I probably would have loved when I was 16 but now I have a kid I think it’s stupid. Kids should grow up and realise the big bad world is big and bad BUT they should be allowed to stay kids for a while as well. It’s a tough hypocritical cycle but such is parenting.

Anyway…. Here’s a walk down memory lane.
I posted youtube links cause those are legal… And I have to advise that you should never watch shows illegally and that you should NOT google kiss cartoon (dot) me if you want to watch all your favourite cartoons. Cause if you did that that would be wrong. 

Drop me a comment if I missed anything that you REALLY enjoyed.

Sesame Street > my favourite! and the cookie monster and elmo!

Pumpkin patch > we only got to watch this when we visited my gran in SA for the holidays BUT! If you remember Pedro the music man? I met him! hahaha, I still have the bazuu we made that day :P

Lambchops > don’t think many of you will know this, was a Namibian thing as far as I know. (I was little. No judges!) To this day that song is STILL in my effing head and now I annoy Fysh with it ;) This is the song that never eeeeeeends… Yes it goes on and on my friend…

Sharon, Louis and Bram show – The elephant show > I mostly only remember this cause of the Skinnamarinkydink song

The Jetsons AND The Flinstones

Scooby Doo

Tale Spin

Darkwing Duck

Gummi Bears

Count Duckula

The Magic School Bus

Pinky and the Brain


Duck Tales


Noddy > can’t find the original on youtube (I might just be starting to get lazy)

Inspector Gadget



Aah! Real Monsters

The Wild Thornberry’s

Mummies Alive

I remember a few like Johnny quest, Ed Ed and Eddy, Fairly odd Parents, Cow and Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Lab, Freakazoid, Garfield, Johnny Bravo, Hey Arnold, Pokemon, Powderpuff girls and a few more like they mention here on Buzzfeed but I got lazy and didn’t feel like posting up episodes of those cause I’m bored now and also they aren’t AWESOME throwbacks to me like some of the others.

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