Kids Saturday at Bay Harbor Market

Last week I mentioned that the Bay Harbor Market in Hout Bay now has something called Kids Saturday’s where you can browse the stalls while the kids are entertained by the activity of the day, the face painter and jojo the clown. So we took a road trip out to the republic of Hout Bay and had a look for ourselves at what the fuss is all about.

Today was Pizza making! There were rollers and dough with all sorts of toppings set up for the kids so they could just get comfy (yes it’s free) and roll out their own dough then add their olives/feta/cheese/bacon/ham etc to it. When they’re done they walk it over to the and hand it to the smiling ladies who will pop it in the pizza oven right there where the kids can watch the fire cook their pizza.

And yes, this is the third time this week my child has had pizza already. Happiest child alive right now I think hahaha. But according to him it’s all good because we keep having it on days where we do a lot of walking so then it doesn’t count as that bad. Oh and… “Tomatoes are a fruit mom, so there is fruit on my pizza, that’s healthy…”

We love markets and try go to them as often as we can in summer even if it’s just to grab a beer and enjoy the band playing. But so many markets the staff are just exhausted I think. But today each of them smiled answered all the unicorn’s random questions. From the raw honey chocolate guy who chatted to us about forged bills to the Crystal seller that was explaining the different athamé and crystals to a curious Fysh.

And There was food for me! All the vegan goodness an more than just one stall to choose from which is usually the option I have at a market if any. And man it was good. I think the hummus they use has sugar in though as my brain is pounding against my skull again. Not their fault obviously. Vendors can’t exactly have labels on every single ingredient and the staff don’t always know. It was still delicious and I’ll just have a nap ;)

There are some really lovely stalls for you to browse if you head that way. I found some stunning boots for The Person that I need to try save for cause damn I would win gf of the year if those were found under the xmas tree ;)

But now Fysh is at granny and I’m going to cuddle with NaNo and sleep off this migraine.
Hope your Saturday is/was as fun as ours :)

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