Kids books we’re looking forward to – July to December

We love attending the Penguin Books showcases cause we get a sneak peek of what’s to come, we did the adult books 2 weeks ago and yesterday we attended the babies to YA showcase. I thought maybe I should share the ones we’re most looking forward to, in case you’re looking for Christmas ideas for the kids ya know…

Disclaimer: Please note these are all published by penguin random house, we are not getting paid for this post and views are our own though we do get books in return for reviews through-out the year.

AGES 0-3

Fysh is obviously too old for these so here are a few that I think looks cute:

AGES 3 – 6

Again, just a few I think look cute:

AGES 6 – 9

I must apparently remind you that on the 6th of August Fysh will no longer fit into this category hahaha

These are Fysh’s top picks:

My top picks:


Fysh’s picks:

My picks:


I’ve marked when the books will become available to the general public so keep your eye out or put them in your calendar.