KAPOW! November’s secret box

Before I even start this I’m going to let you know that if you use CUPCAKE at checkout your get 10% off the next box you buy ;) cause you’re going to want to  use it…


We loved the October Secret Box so much we decided to get the November one as well.
This month the theme was… can you guess?


I really like that they didn’t just focus on the one or the other and it was a good mix of both. Metaphorical reminder of what life is like but also it’s just straight up fun cause we got some extra awesome goods hahaha.

So many cute things in our Fysh’s box. And I think that what I’m liking most about these particular boxes is that what comes in them is actual fun or useful instead of just some collectable something or other that will stand gathering dust on the bookshelf

The book sounds like it’s going to be hilarious – My twin is an evil… I just feel like it’s going to be a really good laugh and also it’s such a striking book!

Then we have some official DC merchandise in the form of Batman themed playing cards in the coolest tin. A book mark and another cute postcard for our wall. A bag to put his book in we head to the park for some reading and the freaking coolest crazy straw ever!

I think the straw seriously takes the cake in this one… you get the pipes and connectors and you try build the craziest most elaborate villains lab style pipes you can and it can be rather hilarious if you’ve miscalculated where the liquid will actually flow and it ends up somewhere it shouldn’t ;) I’ll get Fysh to set it up and load a video on Instagram.

December’s deluxe box is a real doozy, and I mean seriously! It’s not going to be like the past two, it’s actually a lot bigger and fuller and comes with personalized items as well so it’s one that you could actually get to put aside specifically as a gift. They are already half sold out so I’d suggest you grab that code up at the top of the page and use it before they sell out. Just leave me one box please cause soon as I get paid I’ll be using that code myself!