Jump till you drop at Be.UP

Fysh got an invite to celebrate the birthday of one of his friends from the village and he was hesitant to go, actually to be honest in the beginning he didn’t want to go. K is the younger brother of a friend and he wasn’t so sure but he stayed late at his friends and missed curfew so his “punishment” was that he had to attend the party.

Well I think that after actually attending today he doesn’t see it as punishment, although my head sure does (so. many. kids. so. much. noise).

I know you’re probably thinking that’s the weirdest punishment ever and maybe it is but at the time it’s all we could come up with. If we take away things like tablet or going to friends we’re basically just punishing ourselves so we tend to be more obscure I guess.

Last nights storm completely separated the pipe from the water tower so we woke up to no water and had to rush to the farm to have a shower before trekking out to Pinelands for the party.

I’ve heard of “the trampoline place” before from Fysh who probably heard it from a friend but this was our first time and if Fysh has anything to say about it today won’t be our last visit to be.up

There’s a little cafe upstairs as you aren’t allowed to bring in your own food or drinks, and they supply the party boxes and cake if you book a party like K’s mom did. And as she said “the best part is I don’t have to clean up afterwards” and I think that’s pretty much how every parent ever feels when they have their party not at home hahaha.

There was a weird climbing contraption that had Fysh almost saying hell no to. Actually he was so close to giving up but then everyone around realised he was struggling so they all stopped what they were doing to cheer him on and with a bit more hesitation he finally made it up and jumped down. He said he’d never do it again but he’s glad he did. High five my little warrior child.

Until next time…

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