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It’s not the price tag. 

I know that many of you are celebrating today so for those who are, Fysh and I would like to wish you a very merry and blessed Christmas day filled with so much love and laughter you snort beer out your nose ;) 

I spent the past 12 months crocheting Fysh a StampyLongnose pixel blanket in secret. For those who don’t know, Stampy is a guy who plays and narrates minecraft on YouTube. With it I made him a messenger bag with a pocket for his tablet because he’s always asking me for his own bag and I got a few of his favourite treats, rolo chocolate, curly wirly, popcorn etc. 

My mother got me two loaves of bread (I laughed so hard as it’s the first I saw when I unwrapped) and a toaster to go with them (ours died earlier this year) and guys… I wish I’d videoed Fysh’s reaction to it.

Here I was stressed that there were no toys under the tree this year because I know he really wanted the Nerf Blaster Crossbow but it was just not in budget. 

And yet what made his night?  
A toaster. A crocheted blanket. A R5 laser pointer. 

When I told him it’s him and me and Christmas movies today. No work at all. He hugged me and said it’s the bestest present after his blanket,  which he keeps thanking me for. 
I think as parents we get so caught up with gifts and things that we forget our time is what they really want most. And a hero of mine said it best… 

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