It happens in a day

Cycling, something it seems that not everyone can do. I thought maybe Fysh was going to be one of those people, he’s going on 8 and he just couldn’t get going, no balance. 

He was outside in the am, sort of determined but highly frustrated. I even had to reprimand him for throwing down his bike and kicking it. 

Around lunch his granny came to fetch him for a sleep over and decided to take his bike with… Two hours later I got a video on WhatsApp of him riding around on his bike as if he’d been doing it for years. 

Now I watch him going up and down on his new big bike (not the one in the photos) that my mom got for him from a friend and I don’t even know what to think. Sometimes I think I take too many photos and then other times I think I don’t take enough. 

You really don’t notice how fast time goes past until you have a kid. It’s a little ridiculous really. Next up he’ll be asking me for the car keys. Actually… He’s already wanting to learn how to drive, I could at his age, but then again I had to know how because of where I grew up. 

Granny is going to start taking him on some trails around Koeberg and then in a few months this mama will be standing on the sidelines with a #TeamFysh tshirt yelling encouragement because hes determined to win his own medals just like granny. 

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