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Introducing the DokiWatch!

If you’re reading this you’re most likely a parent, and if you’re not a parent I’ll bet dime to a dollar that you know someone who is a parent and really needs to know what Hi-Online has in stock now.

What the biggest fear as the caretaker of a little person? You’d think it’s keeping them fed or alive or how you’re going to pay university fees when the times comes. The reality is that the biggest fear across any culture or ethnicity is your kid going missing.

We’ve seen the posters, we’ve seen the facebook videos and movies that show just how quickly it happens to any child anywhere. A split second and they’re gone. I’ve had that scare once or twice myself.

He used to have this nasty habit of hiding in the clothing racks. Anyone else’s kid do that or just mine? And that was a mild panic every time but one day in the grocery store when he was about 4 he decided to go around the corner or something with one of those push bikes and he lost me. Ever seen a panicked stranger shouting a name really loudly? I was that person.The drop feeling you get in your stomach when a roller coaster suddenly descends is NOTHING compared to this. It’s only now I’m letting him walk along with me and not confining him to the trolley. 

When we were asked to review the DokiWatch I said sure, I wasn’t really up to speed on what it was though. I just thought a smart watch for kids. It’s SO much more than that. This little wrist watch is peace of mind.

It looks like a watch, you know those plastic ones with the LED time that kids wear (It’s actually rubber not plastic so it’s comfy and durable) It’s sort of like a phone hidden in a happy meal toy. Not that it looks cheap but it blends if that makes sense.

It has messaging, voice and video call, gps tracking, an SOS function and Fysh’s favourite is the little fitness animal that tracks how many steps you’ve done. The best part is that the entire thing links to an app on your phone which means I can control alarm reminders on it so it reminds him about chores, school, lunch etc. There is also an “add friend” function where they can add their friends who have one as well but we don’t know anyone else with one as they’re new to Hi-Online so we didn’t get to test that function.

Here’s the video that does all the explaining better than my waffling >

So… They come in the four colours and are only available at Hi-Online. Bonus is that I have a R500 off coupon code for you guys!!! T’s and C’s is that it is only redeemable on the Hi-Online online shop (not redeemable in the physical stores) and it’s only redeemable between the 27th of February and 12th of March)

Here’s the code that will get you R500 off your DokiWatch at Hi-Online >> CANDF500


A note on the tracking function (I tested it out when we were indoors the first time and was horrified that it put him not next to me) : The GPS is accurate to within 5 meters when used outside. But when inside a building, the device uses a combination of wifi & cellphone tower reception to give the location, so depending on how good your signal is inside, this could affect the accuracy. GPS is the most accurate in terms of location, but the devices should not be showing more than a 50 – 100m discrepancy if indoors. 

And another note to save you some hassle : It only works on the 3 main service providers and it also only connects if you put airtime on it. Otherwise it’ll give you an error message. 

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