book review

Into the water – Paula Hawkins 

This for me has been one of those highly anticipated books, which of course often lead to disappointment, even though Into the water can’t actually fall into that category I do feel it didn’t live up to Girl on the train

Unlike The Girl on the Train which only had two main characters points of view (and later a third), Into the Water has more than a dozen storytellers which left me somewhat confused at times and I felt like I needed sticky notes to remember what’s who etc. The characters are rather vague and reluctant to divulge, each one with their own concealed secret, and you need to do a lot of the piecing together yourself. But Hawkins is great at building the psychological suspense by extracting their feelings and fears. 

Would I recommend it? Yes. 

But I should warn you that it builds slowly, you’ll need to push through to get to the good parts from about the middle. 

You can pick up your own copy on Penguin Random House

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