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internets and karma and catching up

As you’ve noticed I’ve been a little quiet here. There are so many things I can tell you as to explain why but all of them are nasty comments directed at someone so let’s rather not go into it. Long story short I don’t have wifi at home and won’t have until next week some time if we’re lucky and Telkom actually shows up on time which mean that for 3 weeks we’re internetless. I run an internet based business. All I’d like to say is Karma is a bitch…

But anyway. I’ve now set up a small “office space” in my mom’s guest room so that I can bum her wifi till ours is back on. It’s inconvenient as I have to lug the iMac up and down but it’s the only option I have right now so we’re making it work. Thank the stars for her else I don’t know what I’d have done!

Our next chapter is running a little late, I can blame the wifi but honestly it’s my fault, I actually haven’t written it yet, been in a bit of a very deep down and haven’t had the energy or oomph or anything to write much but doing better now so will attempt to write it this afternoon and get it up tomorrow for you. I’ll make sure it’s worth the wait.

sleepy bunny

Yesterday mum gave me a book on how to write bedtime stories for kids and someone commented on my instagram post that groupon has a course on how to write for children so I went and had a look. Budget is even tighter now that I’ve missed a week and a half of work so I cheekily put it on Facebook as a “someone get this for me pretty please” and low and behold Anne needs a story written for her business (she’s in chocolate) so said she’d get it in exchange I write the story she needs. Yay! My first gig and I haven’t even completed the course yet. I started and passed module 1 yesterday and loved it, it pointed out a lot of what I have done wrong and struggled with in my writing so am really looking forward to the rest of the course. Before the end of the year you’ll be able to kindle a kids book written and illustrated by me hopefully!

hot chocolateOther than that it’s been quiet. The Person and I had a date night last week thanks to mum but I had a bit of a meltdown in the restaurant as it was one of those stellenbosch student vibes and the one guy and his group in particular were so loud I couldn’t hear a question The Person had asked me and I completely melted down. Thankfully he’s kak understanding and didn’t say anything but he teased me a little in the car on the way home which is okay cause we kinda realised noise is to me what a messy situation is to him. *goes to clean room* And once we got back to his place he made hot chocolate with marshmallows and put on Friends. Yup, I totally lucked out.

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