I’m officially on Patreon!

So in 2017 I’ll be attempting my very first 365 project and to help make it happen I was going to do a crowd funding thing but then thought perhaps Patreon was a better idea because long term I’d also like to exhibit the pieces from the project and also finish the book that is currently penned on napkins!

What is Patreon : Basically Patrons help artists be appreciated and actually allow them to be the artist they are. I stuck at really explaining though so here’s a video they made to make better sense of it for you:

Why did I join : Well many reasons. One being that over the years I’ve struggled to sit and hold down an office job for several reasons and another being that sitting at my desk or in a coffee shop doodling doesn’t exactly pay the bills even though it’s what I really really want to do because I like making art and I like that my art can put a smile on someone’s face or resonate with them in some way.  But instead I’m constantly stressing about how I’m going to pay the eskom bill at the end of the month and with Patreon hopefully that one little stress will be taken away so that I can go out there are ART! If each of my blog subscribers pledges just $1 a month (R14.11) I can totally be the artist I know that I can be.

Why should you donate : For bragging rights! You could officially call yourself a patron of the arts! I’m kidding. Sort of. You obviously don’t HAVE to donate but Patrons will not only see certain content that is solely for their eyes, they’ll occasionally have a say in what I draw and I’ll also be doing giveaways and fun things as well while I attempt the 365 project for 2017. There will also be an exhibit as well as a book! I hope.

So if you have an extra $1 a month that you don’t mind sparing I’d be forever grateful if you’d support my absolutely nutcase of a project for 2017! And hopefully in return you’ll get some art and happiness :)

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