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I own Table Mountain!

Not sponsored but we were sent the game. 

Mzansi means South in isiXhosa but we use it as a slang term to mean South Africa. 

And being a South African pretty much means you’re genetically programed to be fiercely proud of it. Although sometimes it takes living elsewhere for a while to make you realise just how much of a saffa you really are.

We’re all about the braai’s and flamingos, the watermelon for xmas, sandboarding, saying “ja nee, dis lekker” and understanding that “just now or the other day” have wholly different meanings to us than anyone else in the world. And we’re all about not being kak.

And to celebrate our country and some of the places that makes it so unique Hasbro Gaming has released a Mzansi edition!

Monopoly MzansiThe streets are now spots around SA as voted by us, the stations are our airports and I finally have the chance to own Table Mountain and Kirstenbosch Gardens.

Monopoly MzansiThere’s also a new player on the board… A CAT!

Monopoly MzansiI wanted to keep it as a xmas gift for Fysh but of  course he walked into the room before I could give it. I wish I’d taken a video of his reaction. As you know he’s wanted a monopoly set for a while and he actually burst into happy tears.

You can get your own at Checkers, Game, Hamleys, Lilliputs, Makro, Toy Adventures, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, Toy Zone.

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