I ordered from Wish!

I am seriously late to this whole Wish bandwagon thing but mostly because I really hate waiting – I want next day delivery – and also because my card has issues with online purchases. But I had cash in a PayPal account I couldn’t get the money out of so I thought eh, I’ll give it a go and sat browsing late one evening because insomnia.

A few bloggers have posted and I’ve seen some rather hilarious Facebook posts from people I know who ordered clothing or cushions etc and were hilariously failed so I decided that I’ll give anything like that a wide birth. Stationary was going to be a choice because how could you really go wrong there I guess but then again I don’t actually need that. I looked at some bamboo watches but I was hesitant because they were cheaper than usual but not so cheap that if this whole thing went tits up I could write it off. Then under suggested items an LED tracing light pad popped up which is something I’ve been coveting because usually I have to use the window’s of my door during the day when tracing from one page to the next – I always draw a rough draft and then trace that onto the expensive paper when I’m happy with it.

They range from about R500 and up but it’s a want for convenience not really a necessity so not exactly worth spending two weeks grocery money on but it was listed as  R180 on Wish which included the shipping and thought shit, this might be worth a gamble…

Yesterday I got to go fetch it! 

A whole damn 2 months after I’d ordered it but it’s PERFECT! It works exactly how it should. It’s light weight and portable and plugs into my MacBook so I can take it with me and use even if there isn’t a two point plug or whatever around so now I’m not limited to daylight hours and sore arms!

I have two wire bound Kraft paper notebooks I got for a side project that should arrive soon as well I guess? But I’m so happy that this particular gamble paid off. That said, I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again though, simply because shit the wait is excruciating and I don’t want to push my luck either!

** Oh and just a heads up – SAPO has now added a R24 “handling fee” on ALL overseas packages over and above any customs fees. Guess they could smell a money making opportunity, so just something to keep in mind when you order things…

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