I learned it from a movie

We live not too far away from a school, actually we’re about 12 houses away, so there are kids that come past us daily. Fysh was outside playing with the woof and got chatting to some of the kids. One came to visit and they ended up chatting for a while and then watching something on the tablet till I asked G to please go home in case his mother was worried where he is and bring her details so I can let her know next time.

Today him and his younger brother came after school and Fysh’s face lit up, the younger one wanted to know where his tablet is and of course I thought oh boy they’ve now decided he’s that person they make friends with just so they can play with it while he sits and watches thinking “I have friends”. But instead of fetching it and what I thought was going to happen happening he said “it’s in my room, let’s go play” and then lead them to the garden where they burnt leaves with a magnifying glass, climbed the tree, played with the dog and at one stage they’d built weird forts and were playing some battle action thing.

After they left I told him I’m so glad they had some fun and didn’t just sit on the tablet, he smiled and said “I saw on a movie once that if they just want to play with your stuff and not you then they aren’t your real friends and I rather want real friends”.

I hope he stays this wise :)

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