I feel pretty. Pretty damn tired.

I had planned on a long blogpost about how amazing the new Amy Schumer movie is and how it really taught me a thing or three about feeling good about yourself, and while I really want to and still think that every woman should watch it I am brain tired.

Actually I’m not just brain tired, I’m body tired as well but for a change the reason is a good one. I meant to sit and work all day as we managed to set up a playdate for Fysh but then I looked out the window at the warm sun filtering through the trees and decided that the garden needed me.

Our new abode has a really lush garden, so much greenery and trees and a massive bougainvillea “wall” around most of it, well around the house part not the plot part yet. The soil is amazing, none of that sand I had to work with before, and it has a natural spring that we uncovered. It looks like that someone at some point tried their hand at the whole veg garden thing but never really stuck with it as there are vague outlines of what look like what may have been beds and there are a few grow boxes. Of course it’s all overgrown which is why I am so exhausted today. I have taken on the garden as my little side project, cause clearly I don’t do enough as is already.

But seeing the before and progress photos already has me excited about what’s to come! The bonus is that the house actually comes with a massive plot that hasn’t been properly fenced off yet so if I run out of space I’m allowed to tackle the plot as well ;)


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I’m going to start collecting seeds etc for spring planting so if anyone wants to post us a packet of vegetable seeds for our new garden we would be utterly grateful and you will even get a little sign by your “spot” :)


And on a side note, I hope everyone had a great day off and took a moment to remember why today is a public holiday.


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