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I did that thing I said I’d never do

fishingYou know when you’re pregnant and you’re all like “I’ll never do that to my kid” and so on? I broke one of my biggest ever “I’ll nevers”.

I compared my kid to my friends’ kids. *hangs head in shame*

Fysh is 6 now and we’re prepping for grade 1 but my mini is still not reading. Everyone else’s kids are reading at his age and even younger but Fysh is all “reading is boring” which of course for me is sacrilege because BOOKS! I even thought maybe he’s dyslexic or has a learning disability instead and that’s why he’s not up there with everyone else yet. I know he hates school so I figured it’s a legit thought. I even spoke to his teacher about it who assured me he’s good and on par with what the curriculum needs.

I suppose I was going to fuck up at some point. I even cried about it and when he asked me what’s wrong I told him I feel like a bad mom cause he can’t read yet. He was unconcerned about the reading but was adamant that I am not a bad mom and am not allowed to say I’m a bad mom cause it makes him sad as I’m the best mom ever.

So my offspring isn’t as advanced as I am when it comes to reading, he’s not reading before he even starts grade 1 like I did and his friends are doing. I guess that’s just him though and I’ve got to come to terms with it, he has his own pace he’s working at and that’s okay. So long as we keep at it I should stop foreseeing serial killers and issues in his future. *stops watching criminal minds* he’s advanced in other things and areas and I just need to remember that. He has his own special skills.

We’ve agreed that we’re going to do a little practice every day but with made up stories. Really putting my skills to the test now by writing up little books with easy words, so very Dr Seuss of me.

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