i can be having soup?

broccoli white bean soup

Fysh caught a bug earlier in the week that according to the Cape Town gov website is apparently going around (how do we the hermits catch a bug?!) and we all know how lovely it is to clean up someone else’s vomit… Because you know, after a certain age that vomit is the same as adult vomit and not the “oops he threw up a little” vomit anymore.

BUUUUT then I went and caught the bug as well. And there’s no one to look after mama cupcake so I’ve been using nanny youtube and keeping him in the other part of the house so he doesn’t catch it again and we keep rotating the stupid bug. Thankfully he’s pretty independent and happy to watch minecraft videos plus we got an awesome stack of 10 dvd’s from Disney so we’re making our way through those classics as well.

Disney Africa

All I want is my mama’s soup and toast!

I messaged her this morning asking her if I can swap Fysh for some soup. Yep, I realise that in the end I’m the only one that scores in this scenario but can we hope she only realises that after she fetches her grandson?

At least getting lots of NaNo and Nimbus cuddles. And am currently VERY grateful that I work from home as 2 other friends have it as well and are still forced to be in office (which is dumb cause they’re just infecting everyone and then they’re going to get the blame).

If you have it – all the healing thoughts!

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