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I am woman. Hear me roar! (or at least read me roaring) 

So Janine Binnenman jewellery design did a post on instagram asking us to post a photo of anything we think is the epitome of being a women (a poem, a flower, whatever) at the beginning of the month because woman’s month and all and I have thought long and hard about it and you know it’s a really difficult one because no matter what you say or think someone is going to be offended.

I could say boobs. But there are women without and that’s sexist or whatever, I could say it’s to have kids but there are woman who can’t so that isn’t fair to them… so you see what I mean?

But looking at this kid of mine tonight and with the uplifting chat I had with fellow single (now married, but she raised her amazing soon alone) hardcore rockstar mama Angel I think I’ve come to realise what I think makes a woman rock.

It’s our ability to survive no matter what is thrown our way, to go from strength to strength, to take a bad situation and learn from it, to be able to raise epic human beings despite any circumstances we are thrown into.

Maybe you’ll disagree. And that’s your right.

But I think that’s what it is.

We bleed every month yet still fucking dominate and win gold in Olympics. We suffer great losses trying to bring life into the world but we stay strong. When we support each other and standby one another the build up and outcome is something phenomenal, it really is.

And we have this capacity for love that is endless.

We are women and we should be fucking proud. We shouldn’t tear each other down or mom shame or any fucking shame. You rock those curves, those boobs, those flaws, those scars. You rock that reassignment surgery,that wig ,those thunder thighs or twig legs.

You are a woman. Born with the parts or not. You are a woman and you my dear are fucking amazing.

(some of you men are pretty great as well but it’s womens month okay and today, looking at the human I have life to and have raised so far I’m pretty fucking proud to be a strong female). 

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