I am grateful for… true love

My person bought me a Harry Potter planner last year as a gift for doing so well in my exams. Originally I had planned on doing everything completely digital this year – saving paper and all that – but I mean come on, it’s Harry Potter…

One of the things I’ve been doing is making small notes of things I’m grateful for. It can be anything really – a found a R1 on the pavement, a stranger helped me keep a fridge door open, I just just missed stepping in poop. Small things to try and remind myself that even in the kak-est of days there are little things to at least be grateful for.

But my grateful moment for yesterday was such a big one that I decided it needs to be written down somewhere “bigger” than just my planner. Mostly I guess because I feel like I can brag about this one.

I suck at applying make-up and TBH I only own 4 things (concealer, eyeliner, mascara and a red lipstick I got cause of a friend’s pin-up themed wedding). I mean sure, I love getting my nails done and my hair did but financially I do my hair at home and my nails are kept short now cause of pottery anyway (you try sculpting wet clay with long nails… it’s frustrating!).

Despite this, my person sticks around and even puts up with my spectrum quirks. BUT – here is the big highlighted gratitude part – he doesn’t conform to stereotypical gender norms.

When I asked the mechanic that was here yesterday if I could help he said sure he’d love a glass of water. Um… well okay then. Do you want a sandwich with that?!

Tonight I went outside to ask M if he’s okay and if he needs anything as he seemed a bit frustrated, he told me what he’s trying to do and that he can’t locate what it is he’s supposed to be looking for. When I asked if I could maybe look he handed me the torch and said sure thing. I poked my head in, found what it was that needed to be found and then proceeded to get shoulder deep in engine grease and change it out for a new one.

Did I insult his manhood? Nope… instead he took photos and told me that I looked damn hot, then poured me a beer shandy and offered to make me a sandwich.

I mean fuck. If that isn’t love...

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