how to piss me off #3546

I’m really upset right now and I probably shouldn’t blog when I’m upset but I’m going to anyway.

Someone posted this on Facebook: Unconditional love is like unconditional happiness, that doesn’t mean you are happy no matter what. It means that even when you are having the worst day imaginable, you owe it to yourself to find a reason to feel honestly happy. Happiness without conditions. Imagine that. #whoneedsprozacanyway

Now I completely agree that we owe it to ourselves to be happy but what I don’t agree with is the stupid little hashtag because guess what, there are actually people who like me need fucking prozac as a stepping stone to that happiness, it’s not a choice. When I pointed that out and sent that I am actually a little offended by this this the response was that We are only offended if what was said carries truth. When I then said that it’s insensitive I was told to get off of your fucking high horse because you’re not the only fucked up person out there. 

So firstly according to my them my mental health issues are all a choice. I choose to have dark days, to not fit in and to have days where happiness seems so damn far away it’s almost a myth. I should just give up my Prozac and live on peace and love. And secondly I think I’m entitled and am the only one with issues. Bitch please, if I thought I was the only one with issues I’d shut up and not talk about it, instead I KNOW there are others out there who have the same fight daily and that’s why I’m so open so that no on feels like they’re alone in this, not because I think I’m better or cooler than anyone just because I have mental health issues.

If your own flesh and blood can’t even accept that mental health issues are true then how are you to expect others who don’t come in contact with it daily to understand and accept? This hurts. A lot. I feel like telling her to go on one of her drug binges, take as much as possible and then feel how in control you feel the moment all of that dries up. Because that fall? That’s what every damn day is like.

And on a side note now that I’ve calmed down and it’s settled in a little bit and I’ve edited the post to be a little less mean I can see that maybe she’s just over compensating, you know when sad people are extra happy. She doesn’t talk to me so I don’t really know what’s happening in her seemingly perfect little life. Maybe she has issues and just believes that you should shut up and deal with them yourself. Two peas one pod and two completely different view points. 

Also my momma’s comment in all this was hilarious when I posted that I should apparently give up my meds, she said to keep popping them or she’ll need support to support me off them. Man that woman, my hero and my cheerleader xxx

Point in all of this is to be careful what you say. A really sweet status was completely ruined by an insensitive hashtag and an already fragile relationship was torn a little more at the seams.

4 thoughts on “how to piss me off #3546”

  1. Chevone says:

    The world is full of insesitive people. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been treated with such complete disregard. It is appalling! Your mom sounds like a rockstar!

  2. Ciska says:

    Man I just love your blog. You are so honest about what you really feel and are not scared to say it. You have cuts and I don’t know you personally but I can love somebody that is not afraid to stand up and speak up! Love it.

  3. Beatrice says:

    Unfriend!!! No person who is a friend should respond like this to you. This is so insensitive. Sometimes I do say stupid things too but when friends point it out to me, it dawns on me that well, from where they stand they DO have a point. And whether or not people understand our issues or choices or situation or not, there is a word known as respect. Oh well, I don’t think we can get everyone to understand what it’s like to deal with mental illnesses. Well done for speaking up. It’s people like you who bravely talk about it who is a voice for others (like me) who don’t really talk about their mental illnesses no matter how crippling.

  4. sian says:

    I suffer from depression so I understand what you are saying….:-)

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