honky tonk wedding

I attended my first wedding in a very long time as nothing more than an attendee. I honestly can’t remember the last time that has happened, I usually go as a photographer or bridesmaid so this was really nice, I got to show up and just enjoy other peoples company (well kinda, once the rum kicked in) instead of running around making sure everything is in order and I’m getting all the right shots.

It was a dress up wedding, honky tonk/1930’s so everyone came donning their cowboy hats, chaps and lace dresses. It was awesome. There was  a lamb on the spit and we each had to bring a salad so there was plenty food. Fysh had a blast with the other kid that was there and once the adults were a little inebriated he had them wrapped around his fingers and they were playing games and getting “horsey” rides.

Congrats to I and M on tying the knot, even though they apparently actually did it in secret last year already :P

Oh yes, and that’s my person wearing a kimono and officiating… He did a pretty damn good job as well even if I do say so myself.


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