Movies to get you in the holiday spirit


We all got some really shitty news today. A fucking oompa loompa has been voted into the oval office because apparently orange is the new black and Americans are more offended by emails than by racism, sexism, bigotry and xenophobia. Hitler 2.0 cause it was so successful the first time round… And with that we’re going to need to surround ourselves with as much fucking happiness as possible. Personally shit like this really hurts my head. Stupid people give me migraines.

SO! How do we make happy?
Holiday movies, cocoa and sugar cookies!

  • The Polar Express.
    I love to gift friends with kids the dvd along with a bell and a little note that says the holiday spirit is only over when the bell stops ringing.
  • The nightmare before christmas.
    Firm favourite all these years and I am SO damn pleased that it’s one of Fysh’s faves as well.
  • A christmas Carol (The Muppets version)
    When I was in grade 3? I played the young scrooge in the play because I had a shaved head and was a better actor than the boys in our school hahaha.
  • The holiday.
    It’s just such a sweet movie.
  • The Santa Clause. 1 and 2
    It’s always such a giggle. I can’t help but sit back and have a good laugh.
  • Just friends. 
    Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit is horrifying. But this easily thrown away romantic comedy hides hometown charm underneath its slapsticky gift wrap .
  • How the Grinch stole christmas
    I actually read this book to Fysh every year, spent weeks hunting it down his first year. I love Dr Suess.
  • Miracle on 34th Street. 
    You can’t leave this off the list.
  • Arthur Christmas. 
    Not my favourite but Fysh loves it.
  • Love Actually. 
    Another staple for the christmas movie pile! Remember to grab tissues.
  • Elf!
    Because who doesn’t love the idiot that is Ferrell talking about candy cane forests and drinking syrup with a straw.
  • It’s a wonderful life.
    Not really christmas till you’ve watched it. Am I right :)
  • And of course every christmas movie hallmark has ever produced. They started releasing new ones every Sunday since last week. And I love my weekly fix :P

Any that you think Fysh and I HAVE to add to our list and watch?

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  1. I feel sick about the oompa loompa.

    However, I love the movie recommendations. The holiday and Love Actually are my fav. Im going to get some of the others to watch with my nieces.

    1. I want to vomit when I think about it. But hey, let’s be ostriches for a few hours and watch all the damn christmas movies we can!

  2. My Fave holiday movie is Meet Me in St Louis :) and The Family Stone (in which Meet Me in St Louis features)

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