So this is our new space.
Welcome, welcome.

As you can see it’s still us. Fysh and I haven’t really gone anywhere as such we’ve just “grown up” since the blog originally transformed into what it started off as. When I started blogging 10 years ago I was talking about getting ready for Matric and then it turned into my adventures in Germany and so it morphed on and on until finally it ended up being a space for Fysh and myself, to talk about the things we do and see, to document life so that one day when he’s older he can look back at it and also a place for me to have my say and maybe let a few people know they aren’t alone out there when it comes to mental health and so on. And that brings us to moving to our very own little self hosted spot on the internets, no more free wordpress vibes for us!

I haven’t yet decided whether or not I want to import all my old posts so that they’re all collected here of if I should start with this completely fresh, I’ll sleep on it and decide in a few days. After all it’s not going anywhere right?

It’s not really ready yet. I suppose that’s what it’s like when you design something for yourself, forever tweaking and changing it and never really happy with what you have gone and done. So much easier designing things for other people! Am sure I’ll continue to make a few changes here and there until I’m 100% happy with it but I’m just glad it’s up and I feel like I can finally start this new chapter.

A few things you can look forward to in the new space: A weekly q&a called “you’re not alone” where I’ll interview people you might walk past in the street about their mental health disorders and how they deal with it. There will also be a new blog story that will be posted once weekly alternating between this space and that of Flat White Concepts. Of course I’m also going to try bring you more reviews and giveaways, maybe a coffee spot of the month and we’ll see what else. The Person and I also plan on starting to do a lot more travelling so we’ll incorporate that as well.

And with that I have to get back to making it look awesome so that I can properly brag about it.
Thanks for following us over.

Peace, love and pixie dust x

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