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Hello thirty-one

On Sunday I officially survived another rotation around our sun. YAY ME! I know some people get all sad that they are getting older but 30 was my best year in so long. 30 brought a lot of good my way, a few curve balls of course but a whole lot more good. We went camping, splashed in rivers, started university and even managed 2 distinctions. Made friends, lost friends, started pottery, stopped taking on too much and valuing my time more. Read books and wrote books, learned how to draw digitally, grew up, moved in with the person, adopted a malamut, lost my best friend, got a new cat, planted a garden and harvested from it. And found a new love for myself and this body I’m in.

I’m actually looking forward to what 31 brings.

It’s the first time I had a successful party since age 10, as in people I invited actually showed up and I got to spend the morning with amazing friends eating the best damn carrot cake this world has ever tasted. It was full of laughter, messy chip covered babies, boys with nerf blasters and home made ice cream that had frozen solid so we had to eat it in chunks hahaha.

This was also the first birthday that Fysh spent with me. He’s always stayed at moms and we’ve gone away or I’ve just had the day to spend kid free or working, usually working. So it was fantastic. He brought me breakfast in bed and told me all about his dream (it’s a weird thing he does).

Birthday’s aren’t about the gifts but I’m not going to lie, I loved getting them haha. Wildflowersandwildflowers went out of her way to crochet me a tiny Niffler that even has coins in it’s pouch AND the correct Ravenclaw colours for his scarf; Fysh worked his bum off this month with M so that he could take me to the movies for a mom and Fysh date (not sure what we’re going to go see yet) and he painted a stunning galaxy for me (I think he’s found his calling art wise). I got flowers from our landlord, beautiful hand made candle holders from our neighbour, mangoes from my pottery instructor (she remembered a convo we had about them being my favourite fruit) and a stunning tea light holder that she made. And my gorgeous friendling from the UK sent me yarn she dyed herself in Beastie colours! (She also happens to be the person who designed Beastie’s crochet pattern!!!)

Big spoil was a new phone from M. It was so over the top and unexpected because I was content on my carrot cake and our trip to Gourits (I will post photos soon) to be my birthday gift. But with all the loot we’ve spent fixing our cars ebucks has been mounting and as such he spoiled me! My first new phone in 4 years, and this one works! The last one was so well loved and I’m going to miss it despite half the screen not working due to a spiderweb crack and not being able to load most apps cause the software was too outdated hahaha. It did it’s job but now I have a shiny new phone with a limo pink colour. So 90’s :P

I told you it’s pink…

I was SO mad at my mom though cause she told me she can’t make it and she’s going to go hiking instead. I was seriously miffed. And then while I was talking to Liz my mom walked in the front door. I nearly freaking cried I swear. I miss my mom. Feels so weird to say it cause our family isn’t tight knit but it was the best damn surprise! AND she brought me a HP hoodie. It’s not house pride but I love the fact that she went to find one for me :)

it’s not house pride but my mama at least got the HP part right :P

Here’s to thirty-one and whatever it brings, I might not be completely ready but I have a tribe behind me that will cheer me through it.

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