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NaNo the ginger

We went to a dragon hunting party on Saturday at Afrikara and ended up coming home with a kitten cause you know, that’s just how we do things. I couldn’t help it though, I’ve always wanted another ginger kitten since Mau was killed, he was the absolute best cat ever and I’ve had it in my head ever since that it’s cause he was a ginger. That and I don’t know, they’re just so unloved that I feel like they need extra love. They’re also a little more rare than most colours.

Anyway, two of the farm cats decided to get knocked up at the same time and have kittens. One of them happened to be the cat in the house of the twins who’s birthday it was. And low and behold. TWO gingers. One walked over to me and I was instantly in love “this is NaNo. He’s coming home with us”. I kinda knew about them from a party we had at The Person and T showed us pictures and it was vaguely planned that I’d get one but it wasn’t till he hopped up on my shoulder that I knew for sure he’s coming.

And he’s totes living up to my ginger stereotype! Chilled dude is chilled. He mews when he wants to be picked up cause he’s too small to hop up on the bed and loves to perch on my shoulder while I work. He also needs to be near someone at all times or he completely freaks out.

Him and Xavier don’t see eye to eye, but am sure they’ll get used to each other. Couscous moved into the back when Xavier came to stay with us but she tolerates him when they’re in the yard together.

It’s so good having kitty cuddles again and Fysh adores him. Kinda, he mostly adores being able to “manhandle” and “traitor” him (aka play roughly) where couscous used to scratch and bite when he tried give her love.

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