have you been to My Sugar yet?

I’ve been following My Sugar for a while on instagram and keep threatening to go there because artisanal chocolate duh! So when we ended up in town with time to spare after taking a friend to see Newlands Forest I decided it was about damn time I curb my milkshake craving and head on through.

Finding parking in Sea Point is an absolute b*tch and we ended up parking quite a walk away which I guess was a good thing seeing as we needed to walk off the chocolate. If you don’t like walking too much though you can use the parking of the shopping centre across the road but just a heads up they charge. Which again is still worth it.

The owners who’s names I forget now because I suck at names are amazing! They friendly and bubbly and kept up with my incessant babbling with ease. the chocolates themselves are a little pricey, they average at about R15 a small chocolate which is of course an entire slab at the shop but this is proper hand crafted artisan chocolate we’re talking about and not mass produced crap that’s got almost no cocoa in.

Also – best fucking milkshakes in Cape Town! Put them on your to-visit list. We each had a different one on the menu and they were AMAZING! If you don’t want a full glass they do the half glasses for kids, they’re really rich so don’t let your kid con you into getting a big one, I had to help Fysh finish his half one. The only one we didn’t get to try is the cookie dough one. Definitely going back for that. 


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