just go the fuck to sleep!

Oddly enough when Fysh was born I never really had much of a problem getting him to sleep. He was a little colicky until I switched him over to soy but other than that he would sleep 6 hours easily between feeds.

From around age 2 though he decided that sleep was for the weak. Day time naps? Who needs those really?

When bedtime rolls around there’s an excuse for EVERYTHING. He needs the loo, the blanket isn’t right, the curtain isn’t closed all the way. He’s hungry. He needs water. Just another 10 minutes please.

And then when he is finally in bed and ready to sleep the “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite, kill the mosquitos, love you more, no love you more, no love you most…” starts and that lasts another how long.

Sometimes I get annoyed and bristly, most likely because he talks non stop so by the time it’s bedtime this mama just needs a break ya know? I don’t think that makes me a bad mom, think it makes me pretty normal, but I still feel guilty once I’ve gone to bed. Despite knowing that in the time it took me to get into bed he’s already passed out. (I wish I could fall asleep that quickly!)

If like me you just want to to yell “go the fuck to sleep” sometimes then here, listen to this. Because I can’t think of anyone better than Samuel L Jackson to tell my child to GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP.

Depending on your parenting style you may or may not want to actual play it as a bedtime story but am sure you’ll get a good laugh out of it even if you’ve heard it before. 

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