CLOSED > [GIVEAWAY] keep your feet warm this winter!

My friendling is still visiting which puts me in a REALLY great mood even though sadly she's heading back to Namibia tomorrow. There are a lot of shops here that they don't have in Walvis Bay so we went on a mission to visit them and find her some slippers. Now madam has paws, she's a size 8 or 9 and I realised how hard it was for her to find something comfortable that actually fit so I offered to crochet her a pair instead. We got some yarn and I whipped up a pair for her and a matching pair for her 5 year old cause what little girl doesn't like to be all matchy-matchy with mama.

They're so damn cute I thought I'd give you a chance to own your own pair :)


  • Leave a comment letting me know how many cm's your foot is heel to big toe (or your kid's) and if you'd prefer a pink or brown pair.
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22 comments on “CLOSED > [GIVEAWAY] keep your feet warm this winter!”

  1. 25cm! And I already love you. But I don’t do the twitter thing. :( my birthday is soon?

  2. I adore these Coral, they’re SO awesome! I would love a pink pair to pad my way around in winter. No Mr Frostbite nibbling on my toes this year! XXX FEet are 24cm in length. Is it just me, or do I have the giantest feet here? I’m only a size 6, mkay!!??

  3. 24cm. Pink pretty please with a cherry on top.
    Following on Instagram and Twitter

  4. I’d really love a pink pair…pretty please ;) Feet size: 22cm! I have also followed all the above steps. Fingers crossed.

  5. I don’t know how to reply to your comment on my post lol! Birthday is the 26th!

  6. I feel your friends pain :'( :'( I can never find anything pretty in my size! A whopping 28cm here *dies*. Definitely in pink- they’re lovely!

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