give that man a beer!

Today is a big day for The Person and I… today marks exactly a year and a half since we decided to change our Facebook status’s to “in a relationship”.


Where the fuck has time gone? Seriously, it feels like a few months tops and yet at the same time it’s so comfortable it feels like forever. It’s been a good run so far, we’ve obviously had misunderstandings like when he trimmed my lemon tree without asking me first and when we I misinterpret something on whatsapp. but in general it’s been good. We have put up tents, cooked and even built a bookshelf together. We have laughed and cried but never shouted, we’ve been mad and upset but mostly we’ve loved and forgiven.

Somehow his OCD puts up with my chaos and my chaos tries to be a little neater for his OCD. He’s a really manly chick with a penis and I’m his bitch (inside joke), we adventure together, learn together and love together.

He’s made space for both the mini and myself in his life, Fysh adores him and he gives Fysh the head rubs he craves. This alone means he wins me over a million times.

So hey, here’s to more vanilla vodka and apple juice, to sleeping in tents and under trees, to showing up in villages randomly and struggling to find accommodation. Here’s to bookshelves and natural pools, to stealing plants and the best cuddles ever. Here’s to us and however long we have together. Here’s to the man who proved there are still good ones out there (who aren’t taken or gay).

Also… here’s to internet dating, because without it I’d still be Person-less.