Give that kids a bells! (or a high five at least) 

So a while back I was looking for pictures of long hair with undercut cause in summer my hair is a killer and thought maybe it’d be a good idea but I was worried that having bright hair and an undercut would be overkill but I found this epic photo which to me proved it so won’t be. 

Well Fysh saw this and decided screw mom, HE wants his hair like this. Length and all. So if course I said that if that’s what he wants I’m totes okay with it. The great thing about homeschooling is we don’t have to adhere to conformity and we all know how much I have that haha. 

His hair is growing nicely. Minus that he cut his fringe and we’re having to grow that out again haha. Unless he keeps it shaved he had this issue that it becomes a rats nest SO quickly and is painful getting out. Poor kid and his thin hair. I’ve finally convinced him to wear it in a ponytail while it he’s growing it out cause it stops the rats nest yay! It also helps the mullet phase look better. 
I love that he’s confident enough to wear his hair long. What I fucking hate is that EVERYONE has a comment on it. Including my family. They keep telling him to cut it, they call him a girl, they tease him about the colour. Out of everyone out there your family is supposed to be the most supportive. They aren’t supposed to call your son Maria just because he wants his hair long. Over the years I’ve become used to it myself, being called solid or a hippo, told to eat less etc etc. But my son does not need to deal with that. 

And I am SO proud of him sticking with what he wants despite their teasing. 

Other than older strangers assuming he’s a girl cause of the long hair they’ve been a lot more accepting. Fysh loves when guys high five him and tell him he has  awesome hair. He often gets people telling him he’s awesome and I’m glad he takes that home more than he takes home the stupid comments. 

He drives me fucking insane sometimes but he is one epic little human. I don’t know exactly how much I have a hand in that but he deserves a high five. 

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