gingerbread house fail

I follow a lovely lady (who turns out to be a HS mom!) that sells pre-cut gingerbread houses in a kit. Mostly around xmas time obviously and when she offered to send us a fish tank for our butterfly caterpillars I cheekily asked if we could maybe buy a box if she still had a few. Turns out she does sell them all year round on order (woohoo) and she popped a kit in with the fish tank.

It arrived late yesterday afternoon and it smelled SO good that Fysh and I kinda figured we could eat the base and still successfully put the house together today. Well, it’s officially THE BEST GINGERBREAD EVER! Seriously, even the mini declared it’s his new favourite sweet.

Today we set it all up in the kitchen and I set to whipping together the icing. I hate butter icing, it tastes horrible to me but it’s perfect for the glue, problem is we aren’t a butter using household so I grabbed the housemates margarine out the fridge. I mixed it up and we started glueing it together, I got some on my finger and licked it without thinking. I nearly threw it all up. OMG I don’t think that margarine was safe to eat. It tasted worse than margarine usually tastes! I’m pretty sure it was made out of dirt and mould.

So we failed at constructing our house, thankfully we didn’t spread the mix everywhere so we could take it off the small section that had on and we just used our imagination to put it together. We missed out on the excitement of building it and making an absolute mess BUT we are getting to eat it and let me tell you, even if you aren’t keen on building a gingerbread house you should buy the kit just so you can eat it. It also comes with all the candy to decorate it which is a bonus.

We’ll definitely order another one and attempt it again (this time I’ll actually go buy butter).

Give Yvette a shout, I see her shop is down but you can still message her on instagram if you’re keen on one or more for you and the family – or you can email her – and she has an FB page but I can’t link it now cause my internet is being all wonky and stuff.

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  1. Karen says:

    Pls give more contact details where I can buy it.

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