Getting ready for the new year

I haven’t made new years resolutions since high school, because generally resolutions aren’t stuck to. As that Phineas and Ferb episode where Doofenshmirtz finds out no one keeps resolutions points out.

Big goals are also out for me because I get overly anxious that I NEED to reach them and then when I don’t I feel like a complete failure which is why I started my bucket list of x amount small things to try do before the next birthday.

What I do like to do though is pick a word, one that I’d like to look back on and say it described the year. For 2016 I had CHANGE. And up I’d like to think that I did do a lot of that this year, though I think that if I was honest most of that was really done and realised over the past few weeks and more so that last few days.

I learned this year that you can not hold on to the past, it will suffocate you and bring you no real joy. I tried to cling to traditions and I ended up in tears. I am very sentimental and do not take well to change easily but over the next week or so I’ll be  implementing my 2017 words so that the new year is met with readiness and then trying to get into that 21 days forms a habit thing. So bare with me if for the next month or two that’s all I talk about.

I chose 3 words for 2017 instead of  just one because I feel like I need to be more rounded as well.

cupcake and fysh


This year I would like my art to really take a forefront. I’d like it to start sustaining us. And mostly I’d like to somehow make a difference with it. I have that opportunity now as I’ve been recruited by an international charity to be their “in-house” designer. I’ll still be doing my 365 project as well and trying to kick the mental health stigma with art. And who knows…. Maybe this is the year I have a book with my name on it.


When I went on to new medication in 2015 I gained a significant amount of weight. And in 2016 I became complacent, I was in a dip and didn’t really care even though it severely affected my outlook on both myself and the world so for 2017 I am going to try and pay more attention to my health. I am not going to set any weight goals or specific diets but I am going to try get more active and get Fysh to join me in it. I do not want him thinking a person must weigh a certain amount but I do want him to be healthy as well. I’ve also moved over to a new psych and am seeing a specialist again so let’s see if they can sort my head out while we’re at it.


As I said. I tend to hold onto things because I am sentimental but I learned over christmas that holding on to things really just brings heartbreak and clutter. So I’m going to be “de-stuffing” my house this week. I want less stuff around me. We’ll keep what we need and that’s it. When we travel we can’t take most of it with us anyway. 

What are your words for 2017 or do you set goals?

One thought on “Getting ready for the new year”

  1. Vannessa says:

    Hi, catching up on all my blogs. I love the de-stuffing idea, I have been working on being less of a hoarder, it definitely makes cleaning easier. I did the Muddy Princess event at the beginning of December and my sister posted a picture of her pushing me up the obstacle which we had to pull ourselves up and over. Of course to her it was funny but not so much to me, so my goal is to increase my arm strength (and lose some weight) so that I can get over the wall by myself next time we do the Muddy Princess. Other than that it was great fun and I want to do more fun stuff this year. So my words would be simplicity, health/strength and fun.

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