Fysh’s mini cheesy butternut pizza’s

butternut pizza

The Fysh is pretty creative in the kitchen an tonight I let him be in charge and so he presents to you “butternut pizza”. 

(His version isn’t vegan and because this is his recipe I wasn’t allowed to share mine but you can easily adjust it to be by swapping the mince out for cauliflower mash “meat balls” instead)

First you cut a hole in the butternut patties. Save the insides because you’re going to grate them and then add them to your meatballs (that was my sneaky / clever idea). You can use any meatball recipe. When he was little I started grating other veg into the meatballs as well so he gets veg without knowing it. I do this while he’s grating the cheese.  

Pop the meatballs in the center of the butternut an in the oven on 190 for 40 min. Then take them out, put grated cheese on and put it under the grill till it’s melted. Voila! Quick and easy and they get veg!  

He eats his veg but sometimes letting him think he’s getting away with no veg is okay haha  

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